Monterey High Stadium Lights in OUR residential neighborhood? = NOT GOOD!
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Here is the MHS FAQs list along with a rebuttal based on facts, experts and research.
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Voices of Monterey Bay Newsletter Coverage
Lights, delayed
There's nothing like the bright lights of city life to stir up a neighborhood. And some residents around Monterey High School are lit up over a proposal to illuminate the athletic field. After nosing around the issue, Voices journalist Royal Calkins noticed that the process to get environmental determinations for the lights may have been fraught with conflict. The school district has subsequently delayed scheduled approvals until the issue can be worked out.
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Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association Newsletter Coverage
Proposed 93-Foot Monterey High School Stadium Lights Would Loom Over The Monterey Vista Neighborhood

MVNA very recently learned that MPUSD is preparing to expend $12 million of Measure I funds — provided by residents’ increased property tax assessment— to add 93-foot-tall (the height of a 7-story building) permanent stadium lights, add 500-seat bleachers, develop a new athletic field, and eliminate hundreds of parking spaces. MPUSD’s goal: enable night uses of the High School stadium for events. Alarmed neighbors alerted the MVNA Board and expressed concern about many probable negatve impacts to residents, the neighborhood and the city in general...

Read the full article "Proposed 93-Foot Monterey High School Stadium Lights Would Loom Over The Monterey Vista Neighborhood" here.

Watch similar case
“Court says stadium lights at Hoover High School went up illegally" 

To Whom It Concerns,
My name is Garrett Hambaro. I am a graduate in 2006 of Monterey High School. I dearly remember the Carmel Stone Bleachers and am a descendant of Men who built them during The Great Depression. They were built as a Works Progress Adminstration(WPA) program. I object to the mitigated negative declaration. They are a historic resource and a valuable addition to our traditions in Monterey. I must insist on a comprehensive historic reconnaissance survey by a qualified historian and that an Environmental Impact report be done. This must be done prior to any proposed alterations or repairs are approved.
Thank You,
Garrett Hambaro

Monterey Union High School (1924)
Panorama (1929)
All we ask is that MPUSD be a good neighbor